The Humdrum of Holiness

The steady beat of a mother’s day…

dishes to wash, noses to wipe, toilets to scrub.

Hands to be held, books to be read, tears to be dried, hearts to be fed.

The cacophony of sing-songs, arguments, raucous games of charades, piles of giggling, wiggling wee ones…all meld into a childhood symphony.  A symphony of praise for laughter, silliness, the seriousness of simplicity, the divine combined with the fragility of humanness.  Praise for the Maker of the child and the mother.

Holiness is found in the humdrum…in the whirring of the washing machine.  In the dishes drying in their rack.  In the over and over again folding of the same towel.  In the toys strewn about, the laundry piling sky-high, crayons littering the table, Cheerios glued to chairs.  There is a quiet dignity masked by the chaos.  Just under the surface of the humdrum…do you hear?

That whispering of holy…to hear this.  {This is what I AM about.  I AM in the humdrum (and in the excitement, too).  I AM here.  I AM.}

And we miss it, you and I, because we see only the chaotic whirling and swirling of life just about out of control…but not quite.  We miss it because we are looking for bigger.  For better.  For more beautiful.  For more important.

{I AM bigger.  I AM better.  I AM all the beauty and importance you will ever need.  I AM.}

Our days and years and lives march forward, tapping to the beat, dancing in rhythm and singing in rhyme.  Is it the beat of holiness’ humdrumming?  Do you hear it?

Do you hear it?  Whispering….calling…wooing…

{I AM.  I AM.  I AM.}


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