Grace on the Hard Road

The hard road is hard when you choose it…harder when your child chooses it and you have to part company for a bit.  Easy Street has a roughness all its’ own when your child in on a rocky path.  Helplessly, we wait and watch them stumble and tumble along, getting battered and bruised on a road not meant for them.  We wait and watch and pray.

But there is grace on the hard road.  God still guides.  Still provides.  Still walks with us, even carries us when we cannot take another step.  And the hard road builds a strength in us that we could never have fashioned on our own.  Yes, it can build bitterness.  But it can also build faith.  Faith strong enough to move mountains, tear down strongholds, part the seas, quiet our raging hearts.  There is grace on the hard road.

Friend, if you find yourself or a loved one on the hard road…the road not meant to be traveled…take heart.  Greater is He Who is in us…with us, beside us, holding us up, drawing us close…than he is who is of this world.

Look to Jesus.


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