C25K Day 1, Week 1 (alternately titled ‘pretending to be athletic’)

Know what the best thing is about the first post-baby workout?  Me neither!

I’m blaming my age, the crazy, hectic schedule we’re maintaining, the hot/cold/rainy/muggy/dry weather…I’m assigning blame to anything I can think of for my nearly 2 year hiatus from physical actvity.  I can’t even remember why I stopped exercising.  But I did.  Hubs has registered to participate in this insane race at the end of the month and listening to him talk about how much better he is feeling made me realize how bad I’ve been feeling.  I tried this crazy hard workout DVD and discovered 2 things:  1) I can’t move that fast anymore, and 2) I have become crazy uncoordinated.  My sister-in-law has been following this regimen for a year and looks fabulous…I’m so proud of her!  But, it isn’t really my thing.  Yet.

So, I’m making running my thing.  It’s cheap (just a pair of good shoes and some pavement.)  You can do it anywhere.  It’s time-effective (you can burn twice the calories in half the time, and I’m all about being efficient.)  I’m following the “Couch to 5K” program since, basically, I’ve been sitting on my duff for the last couple of years.  The program is set up to take the basic out-of-shape couch potato and turn them into a runner.  I watch people run past our house every day and have always been intrigued by them.  Especially the serious ones…you know, the ones in spandex pants, dripping with sweat, running 10 times faster than I can imagine…and no iPod.  The lack of entertainment always impresses me.  I mean, that’s some serious running when you can do it without music or podcasts or anything:)

I did my first “run” yesterday.  Three comments on that:  1) I actually fantasized about wearing a burqua.  Something to hide my identity and save myself the embarassment of trying to maneuver around the neighborhood without breaking my neck.  Also, to hide the insane amount of sweat pouring off me.  2) I spent half my workout time obsessing over whether or not people were watching me run. I spent the other half of my workout repenting of conceit and pride.  3) You cannot underestimate the usefulness of ibuprofen.

I don’t plan to turn my blog into a play by play of my running exploits, but an occasional check-in is nice.  Everyone I know who is even remotely physically fit promises that it will get easier.  I’m counting on that…and a full bottle of Advil.


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