I was at home, dressed and ready for work, but resting my weary pregnant body on the couch.  I was flipping through the TV stations when Katie Couric said something about planes flying into buildings.  I don’t remember many details about the rest of that day, but I do remember rubbing my belly all day, wondering what kind of world my baby was about to be born into.

The fears of that day have long subsided, but I haven’t forgotten the effect they had on me…on so many others.  I haven’t forgotten how bonded I felt to total strangers, just because we were all Americans.  I haven’t forgotten how good it was to hear Hubs’ voice on the phone that day, or how good it felt to feel his strong arms around me that night.  I haven’t forgotten how fervent the prayers were the next Sunday, or the hundreds of flags hung on houses, in stores, from vehicles.  I haven’t forgotten how faithful God was to calm my fears and how His name was invoked by so many.  I haven’t forgotten.

This morning, I took our girls and a friend to see the 9-11 lawn memorial at our nearby college.  I was moved to tears as I told them about the plane crashing into a field in Pennsylvania and the bravery of the people onboard.  The girls walked around the flags so quietly and reverently, stopping to read the story of a young woman who worked in one of the towers.  They asked a few questions, but mostly looked.  On the way home, I caught snippets of the two oldest girls talking about mission work and wondering aloud if it would have mattered if someone had explained who Jesus is to the terrorists.  I love that they were so sure that it would have mattered.  I love that it was the first thing they thought of.  I love them.

Today, we all remember…the grace of God, the Love that drives out fear, the sacrifice of Jesus.  We remember.

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